Monday, July 19, 2010



***** BMX2 news *****

Well, I still haven't settled on a name for this yet, but anyway, here's a quick update on where the project is going...

The source language will be very bmx-like, with a few tweaks and additions including:

* Simple class templates
* Function overloading
* Constructors
* Properties

...and some stuff removed, such as pointers. Yes, POINTERS! Function pointers too!

Target languages I'm aiming for upon release are:

* JavaScript
* ActionScript
* Java
* C#
* C++
* Python (just as an experiment - probably wont be much lib support for this to begin with).

Target platforms I'm aiming for:

* Flash
* Android
* Native GL
* iPhone

The system will also include an interpreter for debugging/preprocessing. Ideally, you should also be able to use the interpreter for scripting, but that may end up being in a future release depending upon difficulty level.

I'm keeping the modules *very* simple for the initial release, but they should still be grunty enough to do some decent games with depending on your target platform.

The 'official' IDE will be a custom job written in the language itself. However, it should be usable enough (well, I'm using it) and it will at least run *everywhere*. Of course, there are likely to be 3rd party IDE offerings too, so hopefully everyone will be happy in the end.

More to come...